Information for exhibitors
25. – 27.06.2019 Frankfurt am Main Tickets & registration

Information for exhibitors

Are you interested in presenting your products or services at the ZELLCHEMING-Expo? Here, you can find lots of useful information on participating. 

Getting involved could hardly be easier

Registration and prices
  • Request registration by phone or using the registration documents form
  • Complete your registration, sign and stamp it, and send it on its way. Feel free to let us know your preferences regarding booth location or similar. We’ll do our best to accommodate you whenever possible.
  • You will receive a confirmation of receipt from us.

Booth space prices

Find all booth prices at a glance and benefit from our early bird rate until 31 October 2018.

Booth space prices for members of the ZELLCHEMING e.V. association 

  Returning exhibitor rate
until 27 July 2018
Early bird rate
until 31 October 2018
Regular rate
until 25 June 2019
Row booth 198 Euro/sqm* 204 Euro/sqm* 212 Euro/sqm*
Corner boot 214 Euro/sqm* 221 Euro/sqm* 230 Euro/sqm*
Head booth 224 Euro/sqm* 231 Euro/sqm* 240 Euro/sqm*
Island booth 234 Euro/sqm* 241 Euro/sqm* 250 Euro/sqm*

Prices for booth space for non-members of the ZELLCHEMING e.V. association

  Returning exhibitor rate
until 27 July 2018
Early bird rate
until 31 October 2018
Regular rate
until 25 June 2019
Row booth 244 Euro/sqm* 251 Euro/sqm* 261 Euro/sqm*
Corner booth 264 Euro/sqm* 272 Euro/sqm* 283 Euro/sqm*
Head booth 279 Euro/sqm* 287 Euro/sqm* 298 Euro/sqm*
Island booth 289 Euro/sqm* 297 Euro/sqm* 309 Euro/sqm*

* For the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA), an additional amount of 0.60 Euro per square meter plus VAT is charged and paid. 

Marketing package 490 Euro

Why become an exhibitor?

  • Highly qualified visitors
  • Unique networking opportunities
  • Key event of the industry

Take a look at our exhibitor flyer

Guidelines and notes

Booth construction guidelines, technical guidelines, and other important information on the ZELLCHEMING-Expo 2019 are included in the booth rental contract.

Unauthorized directories

Unauthorized directories

We would like to inform you that numerous service providers publish unauthorized directories. Please note the following warning notice.

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