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Facts and figures

At the ZELLCHEMING-Expo, tradition and innovation go hand in hand. The event brings the paper and pulp industry together in one place, promoting a beneficial exchange between suppliers and users. Here, you can learn more about the facts and figures on this event.

At a glance

The 113th annual exhibition of the pulp, paper, and supply industry as well as fiber-based materials proved to be a must-attend event for the industry once again in 2018. A total of 130 exhibitors took advantage of 5,329 square meters of space in presenting their solutions, products, and services to 1,897 attendees.


Partner and conceptual sponsor: ZELLCHEMING e.V.


The Association of Chemical Pulp and Paper Chemists and Engineers is an association which has dedicated itself fully to the various issues and topics surrounding chemical pulp production and paper making. We see ourselves as a technical-scientific professional association for the chemical pulp paper industry as well as its suppliers. Anybody who is involved with chemical pulp production and paper making in Europe will find that we offer a comprehensive range of information as well as strong representation of interests for the concerns and issues affecting our high-tech sector. We provide our members with an international network for the exchange of information and technical contacts in which topics discussed range from research and development concerning paper making through to ecology and the future of the chemical pulp industry and paper industry. (


Results of the 2018 survey:

77% of visitors and 68% of exhibitors recommend the ZELLCHEMING-Expo

The ZELLCHEMING-Expo exhibition is the ideal platform to find out about the latest products, services, and trends from the industry and provides a comprehensive overview of the market.

The exhibitors showcase products and services from the following areas:

  • Raw materials and additives
  • Raw material production
  • Stock preparation
  • Paper and paperboard machines
  • Machine components and subsystems
  • Automation, process optimization and measurement, control technology
  • Clean production
  • Energy management and energy efficiency
  • Services
  • Industrial IT and communication
  • Paper producers
  • Converting and coating
  • Logistics and intralogistics
  • Engineering and design and trade agencies

The ZELLCHEMING-Expo is valued as a knowledge, information, and networking platform. Visitors come to the exhibition with specific problems and visit the various suppliers’ booths to find potential solutions. Meet your customers and partners along the process chain:

  • Chief Technical Officers
  • CEOs
  • Plant, works, and departmental managers
  • Lecturers
  • Representatives from research and development

Aligning the event with market requirements, the ZELLCHEMING-Expo works closely with an exhibitor advisory board. The advisory board members represent the ZELLCHEMING-Expo exhibitors and contribute to the future development and focus of the event.


Ramazan Ataman, AS Drives & Services GmbH
Manfred Eberhardt,
Valmet GmbH
Katrin Haller
, Kemira Oy
Petra Hanke, ZELLCHEMING e.V. Association of Chemical Pulp and Paper Chemists and Engineers
Nora Koch, Omya GmbH
Erich Kollmar, Gebr. Bellmer GmbH machine factory
Thilo Schuler, BTG Instruments GmbH
Hanns Schuster, HS-Vertretung
Dr. Hermann Schwarz, Siemens AG
Thomas Villforth
, Villforth Siebtechnik GmbH
Dr. Ulrich Weise, fipptec

From left: Thilo Schuler, Erich Kollmar, Dr. Ulrich Weise, Petra Hanke, Nora Koch, Hanns Schuster, Katrin Haller, Ramazan Ataman
From left: Thilo Schuler, Erich Kollmar, Dr. Ulrich Weise, Petra Hanke, Nora Koch, Hanns Schuster, Katrin Haller, Ramazan Ataman

Partner and conceptual sponsor

The pulp and paper industry has never been more dynamic, is growing, and is delivering solutions for tasks in many different sectors. ZELLCHEMING e.V. is a technical-scientific association for the forest-based industries. Founded in 1905, the association of chemical pulp and paper chemists and engineers is the world’s oldest technical-scientific association in its sector.

It is an active partner in the network of colleagues’ associations worldwide, university institutes, research institutions, and industry. The association’s aim is to bring the industry together to exchange information. It offers the full range of hot topics for the paper industry.

The entire process is mapped, from fibers to finishing:

  • Paper diversity
  • Paper applications, paper benefits
  • Research and development, also in the field of paper chemistry
  • Chemical pulp production, paper production
  • Machinery and plant engineering
  • Measurement and control engineering
  • Efficiency, economy
  • Ecology, recycling circuits, potential savings on water, energy
  • Law, media, contact with authorities, associations, organizations
  • Particular attention is paid to conserving water, energy, equipment, and auxiliary materials.

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